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Tera Tecnologies s.l. is a new company devoted to hi-tech. It was created by a team of managers, experts and researchers with an extensive experience in the field of ICT, Safety & Security, e-Health, Utilities & Facilities that have decided to capitalize their skills in order to develop innovative solutions. The core business of the company is the development and promotion of solutions that allow the interaction between IT Systems and Smart Objects (“Internet Of Things”) in several environments. It boasts a consolidated collaboration with companies of national and international relevance in the context of many important projects, by which it has been able to increase, in addition to its technical know-how, also relationship, coordination and management capabilities with both Public Authorities and private customers. The persistent market analysis, the attention to the quality of both the products and the exploited resources, the respect of the customer’s needs and habits, the constant assistance, the awareness of its own responsibilities are characteristics that make Tera Tecnologies the Partner of excellence both for the supply of innovative solutions and services and for the use in strategic roles.


Market development forecasting capability: permanent exploratory survey on high-tech markets.
High technical specialization: training and continuous updating.
Skill Intelligence: enhancement of human resources for services with a high information content.
Key Client penetration capability: Lobby capability.
Management skills in creating efficiency: management with expertise in business administration.

Tera Vision

Product innovation: smart specialization & killer applications.
Design and build high quality devices and software platforms that encompass innovation through cutting-edge solutions, the result of deep knowledge in ICT and extensive experience in terms of research and innovation.

Tera Mission

Building strong and lasting relationships with customers and partners, providing excellent services and solutions.