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The TERAMED Platform contains many advanced E-Health Care-oriented solutions and systems to increase the quality of internal processes provided by hospitals and to make the patient management processes, their clinical data and their treatments more efficient. The solution in relation to the various services provided provides the patient with various opportunities to improve the quality of their hospitalization. All TERAMED solutions are highly customizable and can be integrated with existing hospital applications in accordance with the needs of the structure.

  • Medical Device Connectivity
  • Medical Records
  • Nurse Control

The multimedia tecnology managed through Lan IP protocol allows the coverage of the entire environment without further infrastructures. The possibility of having on-board terminals with clinical certification available in various sizes and equipped with all the interfaces currently available such as USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC allow the use of terminals in various contexts. TERAMED is a Clinically Certified product and all its platforms are developed to meet the highest European standards in terms of safety and ease of use.