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Tera Ithaca

Some of the major challenges of emerging technologies are based on the assumption of how device networks will expand and how users will use these devices on a personal level. Intensive use of technologies is substantially changing the lifestyle habits towards concepts of collective society and community. Smart cities and communities are an excellent example of the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm wherever in the world public administrations are moving towards new technologies to create safer, more productive, efficient and healthy cities. The IoT phenomenon can accelerate the development of new emerging application models applicable in various sectors, but only if the devices and the objects are organized in a structured, interoperable and intuitive ecosystem.
ITHACA is a suite, composed of a software and a device platform, with the aim of revolutionizing the connectivity and interoperability of heterogeneous systems through a framework, on an open API paradigm, interoperable, scalable, dynamically self-adaptive, customizable and secure, characterized from a cognitive architecture, integrating different technologies and communication layers, distributed mass information process systems, learning ability and representation of information and prototypes of Software Defined Smart Objects. ITHACA is characterized by its own behavioral independence based on artificial intelligence: an architecture capable of dynamically evolving through cognitive, predictive and implementing algorithms, capable of developing the new knowledge base and supporting decision-making processes. Cognitive models will enable objects to act in an intelligent and adaptive manner to the various situations that will occur in an environment by operating with minimal human intervention or autonomously.