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AI-Sense Platform

Acquiring, collecting, analyzing this data in an interconnected environment makes it collaborative and symbiotic, allowing the construction of a new base of cognitive knowledge capable of supporting complex decision-making processes. Modeling this information through a cognitive computer platform based on intelligent artificial networks, combining traditional signals and data interfaces and adaptive multimodal interfaces based on text, vision, speech and gesture extraction capabilities with advanced visualization and navigation techniques to a symbiotic cognitive ecosystem. The AISENS platform aspires to revolutionize the approach to connectivity and interoperability of heterogeneous systems of the previous, current and future generation of intelligent object platforms through a framework, based on open, interoperable, scalable, dynamically self-adaptive, customizable, secure APIs from a cognitive architecture, integrating multiple technologies and communication systems, massive capacity for processing distributed information, learning and representation skills. It is therefore possible to integrate both legacy subsystems and new subsystems in a modular, scalable and efficient way. This feature is one of the most important advantages in terms of investment protection. The supervision and control platform will have characteristics that allow the integrated management of all the information coming from the various integrated subsystems within a single man / machine interface.